Photo of a New Bedford Farmers Market Vendor

Market Vendors

Across all of our markets, we aim to create a diverse and balanced market–to provide a variety of local food products for our community, while ensuring profitability for participating local food producers and vendors.

Criteria for Selecting Vendors:

  • A commitment to promoting MA/RI agriculture and the local food system
  • Diversity of product (for new applicants, the product must bring variety to the market or fill a demand or gap in the current offerings)
  • Available space at the market
  • Track record/length of time at market
  • Quality of product and of stall display
  • Growing/production methods and/or business practices
  • Location of operation/production
  • Applicant’s commitment and contribution to the market’s values of community & collaboration

Farmers, Fisherman & Food Producers:

The New Bedford Farmers Markets are firstly a producers market, meaning all items sold must be locally (MA/RI) produced/grown by the vendor themselves, also known as a Class A market.

The decision to allow an exception to the Producers Market/Class A rule will be determined by the participating farmers/vendors at the market where the items are sold.

The Market Managers will oversee the decision making process. We require that prepared/processed/artisan food items be produced or processed locally from scratch with high-quality ingredients, and we encourage the use of locally & regionally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

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