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What is HIP?

The Healthy Incentives Program is a novel program only found in Massachusetts that helps people be able to afford more fresh, local produce that is critical for a nutritious diet. If you receive SNAP benefits then you are already enrolled in HIP. The program provides an immediate reimbursement for fruits and vegetables purchased at participating farmers markets, farm stands, and Community Supported Agriculture Programs (CSAs).

Depending on your household size, the program will reimburse you for 40$, 60$, or up to 80$ every month! These benefits refill on the first day of each month, and don’t roll-over, so make sure to take advantage of your extra food budget every month.

How does it work?

Just swipe your SNAP card like usual at the checkout, and ask to use your HIP benefits! Most vendors will automatically account for eligible HIP items, but if you are not sure or haven’t used HIP before, just ask your farmer. You must have a balance on your SNAP card in order to use and receive the HIP reimbursement. Even if you are eligible for 40$ worth of HIP reimbursement, but you only have 10$ left on your SNAP balance, it is possible to use your benefits through multiple transactions where you spend the 10$, then are reimbursed the 10$ for your food and then repeat that process 3 times. 

Which foods are eligible to purchase with HIP?

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables (whole or cut)
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Mushrooms (which are technically not plants!)
  • Fresh herbs and nuts
  • Pickled fruits and vegetables 
  • Applesauce

All the above must not include added salt, sugar, or fat.

Where can I use my HIP benefits?

Call us with questions about SNAP/HIP!

  • Have a question about how to use SNAP/EBT at our in-person and online markets? Give us a call: 508-259-2647