To strengthen the local food economy by making it easier for growers to sell, and consumers to buy, healthy, affordable, local foods.

A short history...

Coastal Foodshed grew out of the work of Mass in Motion New Bedford (MiM NB), which was created through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to affect policy, systems, and environment changes in the areas of healthy eating and active living.

MiM NB eventually began creating and managing programs that were filling identified gaps and oftentimes acting as conduits for food access and distribution. In time, MiM NB reached its limit in capacity and found, due to its structure, it was unable to apply for certain funding sources, seek donors, and expand its work to continue meeting the community’s need without veering too far off course from Mass in Motion’s original mission.

In 2017, Coastal Foodshed was created as a direct response to this barrier, allowing MiM NB to return fully to its original focus as a policy, systems, and environment change agent. In 2018, Coastal Foodshed officially became incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit!


Our Team

Kim Ferreira & Stephanie Perks

Kim and Stephanie are both Registered Dietitians, and have a combined 20 years working in food access in a number of settings.

Together, they led Coastal Foodshed through it's successes since 2017 as the Co-Directors. More recently, Kim transitioned to a new role as an Advisor and Stephanie is serving as the Executive Director.

Dan King
Manager of the
Mobile Farm Stand
& Virtual Market

Dan was raised on and now operates a local farm in Dartmouth and has been farming on and off for more than two decades. Whether it’s been hay farming, or more recently raising eggs and vegetables for charitable donation, he has been involved in many aspects of both traditional and atypical farming.

Beyond an income, knowing farming supported him as a child and now nourishes him as an adult, Dan hopes to help grow local, sustainable farming to also support his community. Supplying more than just healthy foods, local farms support our ecosystem and economy and are vital to the overall health of our region.

Susan Murray
Manager of New Bedford
Farmers Markets

Susan Murray is a farmer and co-owner at Flying Carrot Farm in South Dartmouth. She is dedicated to growing high quality produce using sustainable farming practices and addressing food access and affordability in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Susan oversees the management of the New Bedford Farmers Markets and served as Coastal Foodshed's first Board President 2017-2019.

Abigail Hevey
Manager of Grants & Development

Abby grew up on a small cattle farm in upstate New York, where her 75-year old father still farms and continues to share his love of farming with her two kids. She worked alongside Kim and Stephanie at Mass in Motion New Bedford and learned the importance of working to change policies and systems that create a healthier environment for everyone. As a grants manager, Abby's goal is to find and acquire funding for programs and projects that move toward systems and policy changes and create a long-lasting positive impact in the community.

Abby was also instrumental in founding Coastal Foodshed and we are excited to have her back on the team!


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