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We provide New Bedford’s diverse residents with access to local produce and foods, and it provides local farmers with a direct connection to customers. Our markets and farm stands serve as a community gathering space where farmers and local food producers can connect with the community- we are a big market family!

Nearly 30% of people in New Bedford, including seniors, children, single mothers, working individuals and parents rely on SNAP benefits to feed themselves and their family. Part of our missions is to provide local food to all people, which is why we accept many different forms on  payment- EBT/SNAP/HIP, Debit/Credit, Cash, WIC/Senior Coupons. By supporting our work, you are also ensuring SNAP recipients can access the state’s new Healthy Incentives Program which lets them earn more SNAP dollars when they purchase produce from local farmers at the farmers market. There are many different ways to support us!


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All donations are a charitable, tax-deductions. Before we received our own 501(c)(3) status, The Marion Institute was our fiscal sponsor. We are currently in transition of changing our online donation platform. In the mean time, we are currently using The Marion Institute's. If you have any questions, or would like to donate directly to Coastal Foodshed, please contact Kim Ferreira [email protected]

Wish List

Coastal Foodshed's programs grew out of the work of Mass in Motion New Bedford, and our team is transitioning to a new home! Below is a list of items that we are seeking to acquire to support our operations and programs. This list is updated often and if you have any questions about specific details, please do not hesitate to contact us! Thanks for supporting Coastal Foodshed!

  • Laptops
  • Small Office printers and ink
  • General office supplies
  • Office space
  • Office furniture
  • EZ pop-up tents
  • Coolers/refrigerators 

If you are interested in donating any of these items or services, please contact us [email protected]

Mailing Address
Coastal Foodshed

466 Brock Ave.
New Bedford, MA