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All donations are a charitable, tax-deductions. If you have any questions, or would like to donate directly to Coastal Foodshed, please contact Kim Ferreira [email protected]

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Today’s food system and culture presents several challenges to buying and consuming fresh, local food. Buying and supporting local is not nearly as convenient as it should be; it is seen as more costly to many; eating healthy and cooking can be challenging and overwhelming as well. The goal of our work is to address these challenges through increased local food access points and educational opportunities--New Bedford Farmers Markets, Mobile Farm Stands, & Community Food Education.

Education is also at the forefront of our work. It’s not enough to simply sell local food to our communities- we must to provide residents with the exposure and experience of touching, tasting and smelling fresh, local foods through cooking and nutrition education. We empower people to make their own healthy choices and freedom to support their local farmers.

We provide New Bedford’s diverse residents with access to local produce and foods, and it Southcoast farmers with a direct connection to customers. Nearly 30% of people in New Bedford, including seniors, children, single mothers, working individuals and parents rely on SNAP benefits to feed themselves and their family. Part of our missions is to provide local food to ALL people, which is why we accept many different forms on  payment- EBT/SNAP/HIP, Debit/Credit, Cash, WIC/Senior Coupons at all market and stand locations. By supporting our work, you are also ensuring SNAP recipients can access the state’s new Healthy Incentives Program which lets them earn more SNAP dollars when they purchase produce from local farmers at the farmers market. 

Helping us means your dollars are staying local to help support our Southcoast: farms, families, food economy, environment/land and inspiring our local youth. Together, we make local food accessible for all!


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